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Spring Sprouts

Merry meet all,

My project for herby sprouts is working!! I am amazed at how a whole huge plant can start from a tiny seed. I now have a garden on my windowsill. I’m growing snapdragons, lavender, thyme, basil, moonflower and morning glories, tomatoes, pumpkins, elecampagne from seed. My calendula overwintered and is now flowering! I also just bought black rose seeds.

I accidentally snipped a calendula flower and stem. I put the stem in a glass of water and waited and waited. Several weeks later the stem grew roots which I planted back into the same pot with the other calendula. I have three sprigs of rosemary in a glass of water to grow roots.

Patience is important when growing from seed. Try not to over water the plants. That killed my dill sprout. Just add a tiny drop of water every other day or if the seedling looks limp. Keep the starter pots by a sunny window. I have a plastic bag around the starter pots which helps to trap the water. Use good seedling potting soil. It is geared towards starting plants from seed. Let the seedlings grow on their own.

My moonflower just germinated!! It is weeks away till I can plant them but it is fun to watch them grow and help them along. I use a small clear plastic mister bottle which I have watered the seedlings with. You can also water from beneath. That prevents the seedling from root rot and dying. If you do water on the surface of the soil, add a tiny amount of water.

Small to tiny seeds lie on the surface of the soil. Water the soil prior to planting the seeds so they don’t drown. Bigger seeds are planted deeper in the soil. The sprouts still push through soil. So now we have sun, soil, water and time… what else? Love. Be gentle to your plants. Let them grow and just trust that they will grow. Before you know it, you will have a full fledged garden of seedlings waiting to bloom once the frost has passed.

Don’t disturb or transplant young seedlings. Let them grow where they are. You can if you want magically empower the seeds to fulfill your magical intention. The roots take time to be fully developed. Transplanting them too early can put the seedling in shock and damage it. They are content in the home that they germinated in. When it is time to harden the seedlings and plant them outside, then you can uproot them. Again, patience is key.

My morning glory seedlings )O(

Starting your plants from seed indoors has a few advantages. They are protected from the frost, can grace your window with their beauty and you can be sure that you will have a beautiful plant growing. If you start from seed, you control the growing conditions. You can grow several of the same plant without paying a fortune. Your plants will be ready to go once the frost has passed, saving you the effort of buying the same plants from the garden center.  

I’m starting the nasturtiums from seed outside. They are easy to grow and grow well there. Snapdragons seed heads look like skulls, which is one of the reasons why I bought the seeds. I also like the sound of the plant’s name. I’m running out of room for more seedlings. This has been a magical and fun project. 

My snowdrops have bloomed. My spring bulbs are growing slowly too. I can’t wait. 

Happy planting!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Ostara- Balance of light and dark )O(

Merry meet all,

The weather outside is frightful. Ostara is a few days away. I am trying to believe that spring is coming. Yet my snowdrops are buried under wet freezing rain/ slush. Snowdrops are sacred to the Goddess Brighid. I dedicated my snowdrops to her for that reason. Every early spring they grow. More flowers are on the way.

The sky darkens early here still. I may be the only one here but I love the dark half of the year. My dark side reveals itself a lot. I downloaded a cool photo of a skull resting on the open pages of a book. It is such a cool picture. I am currently reading Spirit Conjuring for Witches by Frater Barrabas. I have a ways to go yet. I will post a review when I have finished reading it. I will miss the dark time but I also embrace spring. I can only take so much of wearing a heavy winter coat and boots after all.

I do miss my garden. I have started echinacea, dill, thyme and lavender from seed. I hope to plant them in my garden once all chance of frost has passed. I also have rosemary and calendula cuttings which I hope will develop roots and be ready to plant in soil. I would love for once to successfully grow rosemary. I learned that rosemary doesn’t like to be moved. Dill has deep roots. Calendula will bloom if you overwinter it indoors if there is enough sun. The more I work with herbs, the more I learn from them. I intend to order mugwort, moonwort and mandrake seeds if I can. I am determined to grow a pumpkin patch this year too. I will grow beefsteak tomatoes too and peas, beans, carrots, herbs too, I planted my garlic last fall. I can’t wait. I hope to get hyssop and feverfew to grow from seed too. I have the room in my garden for all this!

I am ready for spring. I look forward to reviving my garden and not being weighed down by a woollen winter coat.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


For your reading pleasure:

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Seeds of Hope

rosy tulips

Merry meet all,

I am just in from seed planting. Yesterday I bought some organic topsoil. I wheeled the soil home and put it all on my new garden patch. Today my garden looks beautiful even in the rain. The rocks get that sheen and the green vibrant plants stand out among the earthy rocks and soil. 

I cleared away more weeds and removed rocks from the soil. A Witch’s work is never done! I just planted hollyhocks and lilies in the garden. I hope they germinate. When they do, I will thin the seedlings more and enjoy watching the hollyhocks grow! I can harvest more seeds from the stalks come fall. The witch hazel is also coming along nicely. The flowers I planted at the base are doing well too. 

The photo above is one I took of the beauteous tulip growing in my own garden. It’s a double-petaled deep mahogany red tulip and the hybrid is called Uncle Tom, (mundane name, if you ask me.)  The scent is amazing!! I also watered the seeds and my garden with my organic Neptune’s Harvest organic fish emulsion fertilizer. 

I shall continue to post more here soon!! The Full Moon shines on June 2nd. The moon is waxing. This is a good time to get out and do some gardening!! You can plant seeds that grow above ground now, because the moon is growing full!!


Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry Meet All,

It has been raining hard the last few days. I liked it in one sense for the cleansing properties but now I eagerly await the return of sunshine. Remember the heat wave? I do..

I am going to discuss rocks and crystals in our gardens. This applies to those who even grow plants indoors as well as outdoors. This has been on my mind lately and I would love to share my thoughts with you on this subject.

I live up Chocolate Lake. I had an interesting experience a while ago. I have to climb up a steep hill to get to my apartment. For a part of the winter, every time I passed a specific spot, I saw a rock. I sensed the rock wanted me to pick it up and take it to my garden which was a long distance away, but I ignored it. Time went by. Each time I passed, the rock called to me. I ignored the rock, fearing I would be accused of stealing. More time passed. I ignored the rock till finally I took the rock to my garden and it is happily settled there now, as a border to my garden.

What came to my mind was why this particular rock was so significant. A few things came to my mind. I recall reading something once not too long ago about energy fields. A huge energy field covers the earth, our bodies, our plants. Energy is everywhere. I read then about the extension of the energy fields. Our auras extend farther than we think. I read that a cat’s energies could fill an entire arena. That is what stuck in my mind. So perhaps that is why I felt so compelled to pick up that rock to take it to my garden. Its energies extended outward and I received the sense to pick it up.

I am also about to experiment with using clear quartz crystals in my garden. The crystals could heal and encourage positive strong growth in my garden and potentially make my plants grow even better. I can’t wait to try this. I would also like to do reiki in my garden. That makes flowers or vegetables grow much much better and bigger. The possibilities are endless and I encourage all to try or experiment with whatever they are curious about to see what works.

Rocks and crystals are elements of earth and are born of the earth. It makes sense that they could heal the earth and replenish where strength, healing and energy is required for positive growth. I can’t wait to collect five clear quartz crystals for my garden and put them in my garden. One will go in the center of my garden and the other four will be placed in the four quarters or corners.

Research first what type of crystal would be appropriate for your garden. Do not put in something that would hinder growth. I hope you find success and enjoyment with this, if you choose to do so.

For more information on this subject, go to

I put six clear quartz crystals in my garden. At first, I had the idea to use just five. In my garden circle, I placed one in the center of the garden, and the remaining four at the cardinal quarter points. The next day, I was happy to notice that my plants appeared to be stronger and look better than they did before I put in the crystals. I added a sixth crystal to my garden closest to the wall of the house. I intuitively sensed which areas needed healing from crystal energy the most. Tomorrow I will check my garden and see if I can spot a difference there too.

Clear quartz crystals are hardworking crystals. They are batteries of energy. It should be no small surprise that my mallow, tomato plants and the other plants appear much more healthy and sturdy.

I look forward to reading about your own experiments. You could use another crystal in your garden if you so choose.

I added two green moss agate crystals to my tomato plants. The season is hot yet Lammas is near. I hope to see tomatoes growing happily on the plants. I read that moss agate has always been known as the ‘gardener’s stone’. Well if I get lovely sun ripened tomatoes fresh from the vine this year, as I did last year, I will be ecstatic. I am also growing onions. Small stems have sprouted up from the earth. I had to mulch to protect the plants as the slugs and snails and perhaps a few other culprit insects are greedily munching on my plants. Grrrrrrrr!! I added coffee, pinecones and egg shells to my garden. Slugs hate coffee but earthworms love it. Slugs are also deterred by pinecones, which are too sharp for their bodies. Egg shells add nitrogen to the soil.

I’m currently reading a fascinating book! “Plant Spirit Healing‘ by Pam Montgomery. THe title is misleading. The book tells how plants heal us, not the other way around, which I believe to be true. It does not ever hurt to send love to a plant. MY Bay Laurel was wilting. I thought it needed water. The leaves bounced back and the same thing the next day. I moved the plant to a new spot just inches away from where it originally was, slightly out of the hot eye of the sun. Bay Laurel hasn’t wilted and seems to be fine. This is an example of how plants can communicate with us. I believe that wholeheartedly. We have to pay attention to our plants’ needs. Love grows like the plant leaves.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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