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Stockings with Spirit


Merry meet all,

Yule and the Winter Solstice are almost here!! Are you decking your halls and wassailing yet? I got a big spurt of Yule spirit. A friend of mine was seriously in need of some Yule gear and cheer. I cheered her up by sewing her two lovely big Yule stockings.

I found the prettiest fabric at the store. The white cotton was decorated with a print of festive evergreen leaves. It was the prettiest fabric at the store. Yule stockings make a great gift as they can be used over and over again.

I found pretty dark green cotton fabric to accompany the printed fabric. I learned a lot about sewing stockings. I found a Yule crafts book at the library. To my wondering eyes, a sewing pattern for stockings was found in the back of the book. I traced out and created the sewing pattern on white plain blank paper. I traced the pattern out onto the fabric. Then I embarked upon the difficult and rarely joyous project. The lining and outer fabric got stitched together the wrong way. The second stocking turned out better. By then, I knew what I was doing.


When sewing stockings, cut out from the pattern with care. Sew the lining pieces together and the outer fabric pieces together-then join them all. If you sew the pieces the way I did the wrong way, it will show that way. Don’t add any quilt batting because it will cause grief while sewing. Sew nice and neatly and always trim your threads.

How I stitched the top of the stocking to make edges neat. I folded and stitched the top hem of the lining stocking twice. I remembered to iron and then I tucked the lining with the right side showing into the outer stocking. Then I made the top hems of the outer and the lining meet and stitched. It looks beautiful.

I also added a ribbon loop to the upper corner of the first stocking. I forgot to add the loop to the second stocking. But it is good to bear in mind while you are sewing to remember to attach that. Smooth the fabric with your hands as you sew. When you have added the lining, work out the fabric fully into the outer stocking. Tease out the points and make sure it is all smooth. A seam ripper is perfect for that.

You can add little bows or ribbons or bells to a stocking. The lining fabric will give the stocking the illusion of looking full and pretty. Cotton batting is a headache. It is bulky and will catch under the presser foot. So the lining adds the bulk to the stocking naturally.

I wish you all good luck in creating your own yuletide stockings.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(


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Seeds of Hope

Merry meet all,

I love the warm glow of a candle on an overcast wet day. I love gardens and seeds too. I want to talk about how to start seeds in starter pots, because you know, its that time of year!!!

There is more to popping a seed into soil than most people know. It is a bit of an art and a science.

What you will need are seeds, seed starting soil, starter pots, water, and a sunny windowsill. Often, the seed packets come with instructions on where to plant the seeds and how deep and how far apart from other seeds. The size of the seed determines how it gets planted too. Tiny seeds rest on the surface of the soil and larger seeds can be planted deeper in the soil.

Don’t make the mistake I made and put too many seeds in one slot. They will grow better if they are spread out into several slots. I like to fill the starter pot with the right amount of soil and then water it. I let the soil settle then fill the cavity with soil. Then I add the seeds. This avoids the seed drowning in the wet soil and prepares the soil for the seeds. Do not fertilize the soil at this point. That comes much later.

Be sure the starter pot has a hole for water and that you have some form of tray beneath the starter pot. Add the seeds to the soil. If they are large, push them in deep using the end of a pencil. Tiny seeds rest on the surface of the soil. Lightly dust the soil over the seeds. Do not add compost or mulch. Just put the starter pot on the watering tray and then put that onto a sunny windowsill. You can also use grow lights.

At this stage, it is good to wait until a tiny sprout shoots up from the soil. Do not douse the plant in water when you see a sprout. Let the soil dry out between watering. Make sure the seedling gets plenty of sunlight. Also make sure there is a good comfortable temperature in the room.

When a seedling comes up, it will grow its first set of leaves. This is called a cotyledon. Then when it grows the next set of leaves, that is its true leaves. Despite what some sources tell you, its not a good idea to transplant a seedling when the second set of leaves appear. This only confuses the seedling resulting in the plant needing then to put its energy into being moved and adjusting to the new pot. Its energy should be focused on just growing in its present pot. When the roots show beneath or just at the bottom of the starter pot, then you can think of transplantation. Let the plant grow where it is. It is happier that way.

Try not to over water a seedling. It might rot, die off from over watering or its tips might turn brown. When my seedlings were starting out, I added the tiniest amount of water. I knew the sunlight and the soil would sustain them. They don’t need as much water as you believe. Oregano, sage, thyme, these herbs may have come from the Mediterranean. They are accustomed to the hot temperatures there.

Be patient. The seedling is doing the best it can. As a baby plant, like any other newborn, it takes time to grow. It will take a long time to grow to a large size anyway. even years. A true gardener is patient.

I hope this helps you to grow many lovely herbs and flowers!! I wish you luck with it. You can grow anything you want. Once you master how to start from seed, you might not buy seedlings from garden centers again. You will save money starting from your saved seeds too.

I am happy to say that I started a cherry tree from seed outside in my garden!!! I overwintered the seed in the soil. It emerged this spring. I set a circle of stones around the seedling. I also added clean chicken bones to the soil. The bones take 20 to 25 years to decompose or break down. They will become ground bone meal eventually and add nutrients to the seedling. 

I am trying a raised bed area in my garden this year too. I cleared away a patch of dead rotting wood behind the fence of the yard where I live. I used the logs for the raised bed. I plan to fill it with soil then add my indoor seedling transplants I have lovingly tended this spring. I have to clear away weeds and put down newspaper first then I can add soil. I can’t wait. It is my first time trying a raised bed. I am very excited!!!

Blessed  be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ostara- Balance of light and dark )O(

Merry meet all,

The weather outside is frightful. Ostara is a few days away. I am trying to believe that spring is coming. Yet my snowdrops are buried under wet freezing rain/ slush. Snowdrops are sacred to the Goddess Brighid. I dedicated my snowdrops to her for that reason. Every early spring they grow. More flowers are on the way.

The sky darkens early here still. I may be the only one here but I love the dark half of the year. My dark side reveals itself a lot. I downloaded a cool photo of a skull resting on the open pages of a book. It is such a cool picture. I am currently reading Spirit Conjuring for Witches by Frater Barrabas. I have a ways to go yet. I will post a review when I have finished reading it. I will miss the dark time but I also embrace spring. I can only take so much of wearing a heavy winter coat and boots after all.

I do miss my garden. I have started echinacea, dill, thyme and lavender from seed. I hope to plant them in my garden once all chance of frost has passed. I also have rosemary and calendula cuttings which I hope will develop roots and be ready to plant in soil. I would love for once to successfully grow rosemary. I learned that rosemary doesn’t like to be moved. Dill has deep roots. Calendula will bloom if you overwinter it indoors if there is enough sun. The more I work with herbs, the more I learn from them. I intend to order mugwort, moonwort and mandrake seeds if I can. I am determined to grow a pumpkin patch this year too. I will grow beefsteak tomatoes too and peas, beans, carrots, herbs too, I planted my garlic last fall. I can’t wait. I hope to get hyssop and feverfew to grow from seed too. I have the room in my garden for all this!

I am ready for spring. I look forward to reviving my garden and not being weighed down by a woollen winter coat.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


For your reading pleasure:

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Brigit, the ancient Goddess )O(


Merry meet all,

The Celtic goddess Brigid is typically honored in the beginning of February. Brigit is an ancient Goddess with mysterious origins. She became hugely popular in Ireland and Britain.

Brigit is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, or people of the Goddess Danu.  Legend tells that Brigit was the daughter of the Dagda, the Lord of Great Knowledge. Other legends tell that she was Dagda’s consort, not his daughter. Brigit is a triple goddess: smithcraft, poetry and healing. She has been compared to Minerva, a Roman goddess and Vesta, a virgin fire goddess.

Brigit is revered for her healing powers. She is a goddess of fire. She is famous for her healing springs and wells. The Druids linked Brigit to the late winter arrival of light and the early promise of spring. Brigit’s connection with the growing season also gives her a role as a fertility goddess. She was a patroness of domestic animals and crops. Brigit is the one who sparks the “fire of the poet’s heart, of the healer’s hands and the fire used by the smith.”

Brigit is knowledgeable about healing herbs. She was a patroness of many healing springs and wells. She is a goddess of smithcraft. Smithcraft was viewed as pure magic, the ability to make to transform stone or ore-bearing rock into tools and weapons. She held sway over poetry and creative arts. Poetry was an oral tradition held by the Celts. Much of their history is lost in the mists of time because the history, family lineage, and mythology  is all orally kept. The bards told of all that in their songs and poems.

Brigit continues to inspire her followers today. Light a candle or many candles in her honor this Imbolc. Ignite the flames and follow a tradition kept by our ancestors. Blessed Imbolc


Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ornaments for Yule


Merry meet all,

Yule is a few days away. In this post, I want to show you how to have a wonderful Yule that won’t stress you out. 

I made my own ornaments this year. Tinsel, wrapping paper, a tree, gifts and food- it all adds up. With some effort, you can make your own decorations at a significant fraction of the cost it takes to buy them. 

I showed how to make salt dough ornaments in the previous post. Be sure to poke a hole in each ornament. I used an awl to reinforce the hole in the ornaments. You don’t want to poke hard enough to break the ornament but enough to be able to wind thread through with ease. Tie a knot in the thread. Add glitter and paint each one. I used blue, silver, red, gold, yellow,  and green. Let them dry between coats of paint. Clear liquid nail polish suffices as varnish. When the holiday season ends, store the ornaments in tissue or waxed paper in a plastic container. The ornaments should last till the next season. 

Hang the ornaments on the tree with care. I hung them high enough that my cat can’t get to them but also where they wouldn’t get tangled or broken. Take pride in your creations! Your friends might ask you on where you got them!

I used acrylic paint for decorating the ornaments. Stripes, solid colours, dots or stars are good ideas. If you have a pentacle press you can press the pentacle down on each cookie before you bake them, adding a witchy image to the ornament. Keep in mind it might be coated over if you paint them. You could imprint a leaf design on each one and leave the cookies with a natural look. Use unbleached flour for the brighter colour if you want that look. 

Be creative. Stock up on Yule/ Christmas cookie cutters. Try to collect yule oriented cookie cutters, not just Christian. Stars, sun symbols, moon, tree and animal cookie cutters are perfect. If the ornaments can correspond with the Yule season, that is even better. 

If you aren’t that savvy in making your own ornaments, then the local thrift store is one option. Brew some yule simmering potpourri and listen to Yule carols as you make your own ornaments. Have fun. 

Btw, I live in an apartment. I can’t have a real tree. I have a tall Goth tree I am using for a Yule tree. It’s perfect. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Buds of Spring

Merry Meet All,

I peek anxiously at my garden every chance I get, searching for a sign of new growth. I noticed that a new leaf has come up in my indoor orchid plant. The flowers are so beautiful. Soon, I plan to rake the leaves back and add fresh soil to my garden. The sight of fresh buds and unfurling leaves lightens my heart.

The flowers that come up in my garden first are usually lady’s mantle and canterbury bells. But a few other plants show their floral faces in early spring.

Apple blossoms and cherry blossoms

All of these flowers are of course, have breathtaking beauty. I am getting excited just writing all of this. I will probably lose my cool at the sight of the crocuses in my garden. If you planted the bulbs in the fall, then you can count on them blooming this spring. Mulch around the roots and water them regularly. Remember to fertilize the plants too after their long winter sleep. Embrace the beauty and power of spring.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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