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Merry meet all,

Autumn Equinox is almost here. This morning, I sipped my hot coffee while gazing out at my garden, standing next to my alert kitty. My cat watched as two cats almost duked it out. The orange cat ran off and the gray cat stood her ground. The day is overcast. The sky threatens to open and unleash a downpour. It looks like an autumn morning.  The nasturtiums grace my garden with their fiery colors and charm. I love it.

I already have a pumpkin for making soup and roasting seeds. I also have a chicken to roast. I do believe I will have a feast this Mabon!!! I hope you all are preparing for Mabon too.

I’m sewing a black wool poncho. I happen to have some black and white spider web material. I want to add the spider web fabric to the black wool poncho. I know it seems odd to add that type of gaudy Halloween fabric to black wool. If anyone has ideas on how to make it witchy, be my guest. One good idea to do when you are sewing something like this is to google witchy poncho outfits. Click on images to see ideas of how other people did it and then you will have a better idea of how to sew yours. I bought 1 meter of the black wool and the other 2 meters were free.

I’m excited about my horror poem, Encounter with Death, being published in a horror poem anthology this fall. My short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published in an anthology One Night in Salem. The release date is Sept. 30!!! I’m waiting to hear back about other projects. If you fly on your broomstick to my other blog, Paranormal & Witchy Fiction, and click on Published Works, you will be taken to the publisher’s website where you can buy the book.

I love fall and all the gifts it brings. I wish you all a wonderful magickal Mabon.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Harvest Time

Merry meet all,

The harvest season is here. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon. My garden is vibrant, full of beautiful flowers. Birds, cats and insects visit it many times. I don’t have the veggie harvest  I hoped for but I can still harvest a cucumber, a tomato, a Chinese lantern and many herbs and leaves.

I am not growing veggies anymore. The area for them is full of roots and rocks. It is impossible. I will instead attempt growing herbs and flowers there instead. I also tried growing carrots. The rain washed away the seeds. So I know herbs and flowers are likely to grow. The herbs I want to grow are mandrake, lots of mugwort, monkshood, sage, more lavender, more comfrey and calendula and moonwort. I would grow mandrake for its root. I am also going to harvest garlic!!! Mmmmm

That will happen next spring. I will harvest raspberry leaf, woodruff, lavender, winter my rosemary and calendula indoors, oregano, lemon balm, chives and comfrey. I can use comfrey for fertilizer or healing. I plan to grow chives indoors. Chives give food flavor that can’t be beat.

Mabon is a time of balance. Mabon is the second harvest Sabbat. I love Mabon as it always feels truly magickal to me. Mabon is about yin and yang, and a time when day and night are in equal balance. Mabon is the autumn equinox. The symbols of Mabon are gourds, pumpkins, corn, apples, pomegranates, grains, horn of plenty, and pinecones. The colors of Mabon are reds, greens, brown and gold. The incense is benzoin, myrrh and sage. The gemstones are tigers eye, sapphire and lapiz lazuli. The activities of Mabon are Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.

It ushers Samhain in. Mabon is a magickal time and I hope you all have a wonderful harvest.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Autumn Harvest

Merry meet all,

I’m excited about the upcoming publication of my short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, in the anthology One Night in Salem, produced by FunDead Publications. I have signed the contract and finished the edits. If you go over to my Published Works page, the book is listed there. If you hover the mouse over the image of the book, you are taken by hyperlink to the publisher’s website. You can learn more about the book and where to preorder the book. I can’t wait for the book release. I am proud to be involved in this project.

The other good news is that the anthology of childrens’ poetry including my poem is also published. Not by the same publisher, but I feel great about that too. The book is also listed in my bibliography.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon. Its hard to believe that much time has passed. I love Mabon which is a magical time. The leaves change and a chill creeps into the air. I look forward to Mahon and will post more on that later.

I’m still studying hard at Sacred Mists. I enjoy it very much. I’m learning lots of different things.

I’m nearing the end of edits on my paranormal novel. It’s been a huge amount of work but I know I’m getting there. I can’t wait to finish it and get on with new writing projects.

I’m sorry for not posting more but I’ve been busy. I promise to post more often, esp., with my fave season just around the corner.

I’ve also finally achieved some clarity about a strange nightmare I had. That makes me feel a lot better. I dreamed of some nasty beast and I heard it may have been a paranormal entity feeding off my energy. I am much relieved to hear that because it gives me peace of mind to finally know what I saw in the dream. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch



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Sacred Mists Announcement

Merry meet all,

I have awesome news. I got my Hogwarts letter again. I am now enrolled at Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College studying my First Degree.I am too excited. I am certain I will have a better time studying there than at the Temple of Witchcraft. I want a narrative to follow and to advance my studies. I want to see if there’s more to witchcraft than is what I currently know. I intend to complete the whole course up to the 3rd degree.

Its in the hallowed halls of Sacred Mists that I will find the answers to my questions. I can’t wait to get started. Better dust off my Book of Shadows and cauldron.

I am eager to get started on the edits for my short fiction story in the book One Night in Salem. I am also trying to finish edits on my paranormal novel. I will be busy this fall.

My garden is so beautiful. The nasturtiums are finally blooming in fiery orange colors. My bellflower and tiger lilies are in full bloom. I’m growing a hot pepper. But my popcorn and cucumber are growing slowly. My tomatoes are growing even slower. I am getting concerned because it is now harvest season. Lughnasadh is around the corner!!

I shall consult my book that tells how to pollinate plants indoors if I need to grow tomatoes indoors. I can’t wait to be eating my own popcorn. I still have all of August and September. I bought a new basil plant which I will grow indoors. The bugs ate the whole basiil plant I put in the garden, even with diatomaceous earth sprinkled at its base. So that is staying where I can tend it and keep it away from voracious slugs. 

I can’t wait for autumn. The spiders have woven their webs around my yard and garden. Soon the leaves will turn to autumnal shades. Pumpkins will fill the stores. I love autumn and look forward to all the magic it offers. 



Lady Spiderwitch

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City of the Dead- Mount Olivet Cemetery

Paranormal& Witchy Fiction

Merry meet all,

I live near the Mount Olivet cemetery with its own claim to fame. It is where the Titanic victims were buried. I often visit there, I stroll near the graves down a path littered with tree roots, dead leaves and rotted apples. Apple trees grow on the other side of the stone wall. Though the trees appear to grow in and out of the cemetery.

A brook runs on the other side of the cemetery. The brook gurgles. I like to think of it as a vessel for spirits to travel to the Underworld. 

Trees line the outer edges of the cemetery. A crow nest rests in one of the trees. The cemetery is somewhat kept up in good condition. Crows perch on tombstones, ruffling their ebony feathers. They must sense and guide more spirits than we sense. Crows have long held the reputation of guiding spirits…

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Magic of Midsummer

Merry meet all,

My garden is so beautiful. I bought plants, herbs and flowers- pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber, hot peppers- and popcorn!! Yes I’m even growing my own popcorn. The stalk grows one cob on a long stalk. That will be cool. My haskap berries, rhubarb and garlic are doing great. I love my garden.

I have a trick I use in my garden. Behind the garden and behind the fence is a big area where some trees and dead leaves have rotted. That has been left alone to compost. But the real gold is the soil under that. It is so rich. I add that to my garden. I take only what I need. The rich soil adds much needed nutrients to my garden.

I’m growing nasturtiums too. I hope to grow morning glories and black hollyhocks. I’m impatiently waiting for them to germinate. Nasturtiums are spicy, beautiful, keep pests away and taste great in salads. To me, they are too pretty to eat. I cant wait for my nasturtiums to blossom where my chives are. That will look pretty. I planted beets, basil, sage, curly leaf parsley and Italian parsley, oregano, dill, elfin thyme and magic carpet thyme. My calendula blossomed. My comfrey is growing back after I divided it by cutting up chunks of root. I put the root pieces in different parts of my garden. I hope the roots grow into comfrey plants. Bees loooove comfrey. I planted six echinacea plants and can’t wait for them to blossom. That keeps the bees happy too.

I moved a hosta to a new home. It grows now near the sprawling woodruff and will receive considerably more sun. Every morning I visit my garden, a hot coffee in my hand. I always find something new marvel. I’m so blessed to have this garden.

Aside from garden worship, I”m sewing a black pullover dress with a floral print. The fabric was called black magic! I used the McCalls pattern 7592. It is so simple to make. The facing is tricky. A good pressing fixes that. I also made a lovely blue summer dress too. The dress is covered with white dragonflies. I am all about bees, dragonflies, butterflies, and birds!  Its no garden without them.

I still have a summer ahead of me of wonders in my garden and many more blessings. Enjoy Litha. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lughnasadh.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Once Upon a Fairy Tale )O(

Merry meet all,

I had a ton of fun at the Once Upon a Fairy Tale Faire. I dressed as the Lavender Fairy. I suffered it out in a corset, the costume and wings. I absolutely loved the Faire.I had the most wonderful time.


I was sorted by the Sorting Hat (same one as at Hogwarts0. I got Hufflepuff. I then set out on having fun and wreaking mischief, though I had a lot of the former, not the latter… well….

So I set out to see the different vendor’s pretty wares ok some scary. There were great swords too heavy for me to lift, fudge for me to sample (mm), costumes, jewels, elf ears, leather wares, deer and horse skulls, herbal teas, Mad Hatter Tea Parties, and so many other wonderful treasures. They were all made possible because of the crafts people’s dedication. There was a huge castle made of balloons, yup I know, a large, mock fencing tournaments, and lectures about the herb mandrake, having faeries in your home. It was so much fun.

I bumped into Cathy Kempton, my first witchcraft mentor, and a few other people I knew. I was delighted to see her again. This kid walked in and wanted to know where the faires were- so the father asked me. Yup I was a fairy. A lot of people loved my costume and even took pics of me. If they only knew how I suffered in it……

I got a beautiful fairy butterfly necklace, a vial of fairy dust, a fairy offering of a teapot and tiny tea cups, incense, herbal death teas, I sampled teas and fudges, and was even treated to tea and cakes by the Red Queen in the Mad hatter tea party – I got a ticket from soneone when I wasn’t supposed to have a ticket.!!!!!! I curtsied in front of the Red Queen!!!

i did collect biz cards. Good thing I didn’t have a $100 could easily have spent it there on such magical wonderful treasures. I took many pics. Doing it all over again next year. I loved every moment of the magial faire. I would do it all over again. I felt truly pretty and light with the wings and skirt. I fairy blessed everyone- my friends, children and some adults too.


There were many fairy homes made of moss and this stuff. I fairy blessed everyone. I had pizza and pop for lunch I Sure suffered in a corset and wings.What a time I had trying to sit in a chair or in my friend’s car or even get through a door way in wings. Oy or even sit on a toilet or even wrap my shawl around my shoulders. We visited Mike at work and we found out he wanted the glow in the dark ouija board. So we went back to the fairy event, bought it for him, and gave it to him at the witch shop. His grandmother forbid Mike to own one so we had to return it.

It was hard going in a costume. I leaned forward during rides in the car with wings on, I perched carefully in a chair at the fairy event, I tipped my wings way forward, put on my shawl and then stood up and got my wings back on my back and adjusted my shawl in the bathroom. Eventually I learned to remove the wings in the car on rides. I had two necklaces. When I got out of the wings, the wings caught on my crown twice and on my outfit. I had to get detangled. Ugh what a time. I would do it all over again.

Blessed Be Lady Spiderwitch

Heddy Johannesen <heddyjohannesen@gmail.com>

Jun 24 (2 days ago)
to hj1

There were many fairy homes made of moss and this stuff. I fairy blessed everyone. I had pizza and pop for lunch I Sure suffered in a corset and wings.

What a time I had trying to sit in a chair or in Marks car or even get through a door way in wings. Oy or even sit on a toilet or even wrap my shawl around my shoulders. We visited Mike at work and we found out he wanted the glow in the dark ouija board. So we went back to the fairy event, bought it for him, and gave it to him at the witch shop.

It was hard going in a costume. I leaned forward during rides in the car with wings on, I perched carefully in a chair at the fairy event, I tipped my wings way forward, put on my shawl and then stood up and got my wings back on my back and adjusted my shawl in the bathroom. Eventually I learned to remove the wings in the car on rides. I had two necklaces. When I got out of the wings, the wings caught on my crown twice and on my outfit. I had to get detangled. Ugh what a time.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch

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Summer News

Merry meet all,

The Once Upon a Fairy Tale festival event is in 2 days. I am ready to wear my fairy wings and fly to the Fair. I can’t wait. I promise to post all about it here. My wings, costume and wand are finished. I even bought purple glitter nail polish.

My garden is growing beautifully. I need to put in more plants to avoid the rampaging weeds and fill up the empty spaces. I have decided it will cost a lot of money to fill in the empty spaces. I cut up some comfrey root and planted the different chunks into other spots in my garden. The local garden center doesn’t sell comfrey so I had to propagate it myself.

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice. I planted beet seeds and enjoyed the sunny day. I hope you all enjoyed your Solstice too. The New Moon is coming. I think the highlight of my summer will be the Fairy event.

So there is lots to look forward to this summer. Summer is my fave season next to autumn.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Healing with spirit

Merry meet all,

Its hot here in this apartment. Summer is upon us. Tis not long before Midsummer. Where has the time gone? Time slips through our fingers like sand. Yet we cling to it. Well I say that now that it’s summer, carpe diem. Seize the day. I love summer and I live for this season. Midsummer is approaching. The full moon has just passed.

I have been working away on my garden. My rhubarb, garlic and berries are in full swing. I cut up plastic pop bottles and tucked them in around my baby veggie seedlings to protect them from slugs. Slugs are the bane of every gardener. I also made my own comfrey fertilizer. I filled the jar partly with comfrey herbs and water. For three weeks, I steeped the  comfrey in the water, which gradually became discoloured. I shook the jar regularly. Finally this morning, I sieved the herbs through a mesh colander. Oh it smelled unpleasant.  I poured the water – smelly water- onto my veggie seedlings. Comfrey has many wonderful qualities, including being good for a garden fertilizer.

Last week was an emotional week for me. Not only did my pet guinea pig Magic cross into the Summerlands, but I rescued a bird with an injured wing. I saw the bird wait for its mother from the nest. Me being unhealthily curious, I stood guard during the mother’s absence. The young starling bird got too excited for its mother’s food.It fell from the nest. It hit the ground, as its wing was injured. I became concerned, when the poor bird never took flight. She instead fidgeted terribly on the ground. I tried to pick her up – wearing gloves. Well…. the outcry from all the birds including the baby. I called the witch shop. I was concerned because I didn’t want the local neighborhood cats to eat the poor bird. Eventually I called Hope for Wildlife. I told them what happened. I found a large basket to put the bird in. I stood guard until my friend arrived. We put the poor suffering frightened bird in a basket and brought it inside. The mother bird is probably wondering where her young is. At first, they were going to come to my place. Mark and I dropped the bird off at a drop off location for Hope for Wildlife, where they will rehabilitate the bird. They will release it in my area.

I hope all goes well for my feathered friend. I hope the mother bird finds a way to continue to trust me. I want to be there when they release the bird that had the injured wing. Perhaps it was Magic’s spirit telling me to save the bird. I like to believe that.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Faery Costumes


Merry meet all,

On June 24th there will be an awesome fantastical Once Upon a Fairytale event. I can’t wait. They are encouraging people to wear costumes and are offering prizes. I’ve created a beautiful faery costume and I want to show you how I did it.

I used the Simplicity pattern 3632. They have 3 lovely patterns to choose from. The best fabrics to use are chiffon, satin and tulle. All are tricky fabrics to use. Tulle is sticky but if you spray it with Static Guard, it should reduce the static. The fabrics are see through so sew or obtain a slip to wear for your protection.

The patterns are for a dress, pants and a slip and skirt. I made all three-slip, dress and skirt. The main dress on the front of the envelope looks tricky. I suspect its intended that way. So the main skirt is satin with chiffon or tulle as the overskirt. The pattern instructions don’t tell you how to make the wings but more on that soon.

Chiffon is fragile fabric. Be mindful when sewing the patterns. Lay out the fabric and pattern pieces neatly. Cut them out carefully. In fact, the more attentive to detail you are while sewing, the more beautiful they will look. Trust me. You can quote me on it. You may choose to sew this with an experienced seamstress nearby. Follow the instructions step by step carefully.

The bodice of the dress is first. You sew the bodice then make the midriff, and make an elastic casing. I recommend the slip get made of a solid darker satin fabric. The slip, dress and skirt should be light and ethereal. Faeries are magical and graceful. Don’t sew this when angry. You won’t do the costume justice. The bodice of the slip needs a lining. Here is another tip: never skimp on sewing neatly and be sure all edges meet up. When you turn the lining to the inside, press your seam allowance.  I always press the heck out of my fabric. Ironing is key to a beautiful garment. Try to sew an even neat stitch through all pattern pieces here.

The overskirt is tricky. I made the big skirt sections from tulle and the yoke from a type of dark dark purple cotton knit material. I sewed myself a yoke but hated the color and it was the wrong size. I made a new yoke. You stitch the front and back of the yoke together on the sides. Iron the seam allowance. Set aside. Don’t forget to mark in the notches.

The remaining skirt sections have a trick to them. You need to cut out 3 pieces. With the right sides together, you stitch two sections together to create a center back seam. Press. Now here is the trick to it: you stitch remaining overskirt sections to the rest of the skirt. So in front should be two seams. The back of the skirt in the center has one seam. Then you gather the upper edge of the overskirt, make two rows of stitches. Leave long thread tails and knot them using a basting stitch.

Pin the skirt to the yoke. Ease in the skirt and pull on the thread tails. Match the center back seam and place the side front seam at small dot in yoke front. Pull up the gathering stitches to fit. Measure your wasit and be honest. It must fit properly. Now we make the underskirt. I made my overskirt and skirt of 2 different colors of tulle. You stitch the skirt front to the skirt back at the side seams. You gather the upper edge. Leave making the jagged edges at the hem for last. On the inside, pin the Right side of the skirt to the Wrong side of overskirt t yoke seam. Match the centers and side seams. In other words, both right sides of the skirts should be facing up. The seams are always on the wrong side. Pull up the gathering stitches to fit. Press the seam toward yoke. Then you add an elastic casing to the yoke’s upper edge. I found some detailed purple fabric and stitched that to the yoke, since my stitches were showing on the outside. Only you know my secret.

Now you can worry about the pretty details. I used a hot glue gun to adhere dark purple rhinestone glitter butterflies to the overskirt.

The faery skirt









My wings:

I had some galvanized wire. I bent the wire into wing shapes. I owned lots of pretty fabric as you can see. I couldn’t have done this project without a glue gun. They are messy but wonderful at attaching fabric to wire. It is hard work attaching the fabric. I chose to extra creative and use different fabrics to give an unusual look. I bound the wire ends together. I made the two bottom wings the same way. Then I bound the wires and fabric together at the center base. I secured it with a purple ribbon. I spent a lot of time securing down the fabrics with the glue gun and my needle and thread. I spent more time on that than anything. i stitched the fabrics to the other fabrics with needle and thread and glue. oy Then I painted the outside edges of the bottom wings on both wings with blended glitter, glue and purple acrylic paint using my paintbrush. I painted a butterfly edging pattern on the inside of the wings with glue and silver glitter. Again, I kept tacking fabric down. I trimmed off excess fabric. Since the 2 upper wings were too far apart, I stitched on a piece of fabric to close in the space between them. I worked in purple lace fabric to the center base to conceal the binding of the wire. I measured the strap I needed to hang the wings on my body. I stitched on the strap to hang over my neck to the upper strip of fabric. Beautiful and well worth the effort. Count on glue and glitter and fabric to cover your apartment. Wings are fun, hark work and messy.

The upper wings were covered with plain purple tulle. Then I added the two different lacey fabrics.The effect is the wings go from a dark purple shade to a light violet shade.

I made the antennae by using galvanized wire again. I bent the wire into the shape I wanted. I covered the wire with shimmery light blue craft tape. I need to tack the tape down with my hot glue gun. I glued the antennae to the wings using my glue gun. How I have existed all this time without a glue gun is beyond me.









As you can see, it is a lot of effort but it is achievable. Paying attention to the tiny details will help you.

My wand:

I was gifted clay at Yule. I used a pink clay to make a star. I worked the clay to loosen it up in my hands. I cut out a star shape using a star-shaped cookie cutter. I happened to own a skewer stick which I painted blue then let dry. I glued the star to the stick. I added glitter too. I outlined the star in dark blue clay. I added dark blue clay to the star center and added glitter there too.

Let out your inner fairy!!


Blessings, Lady Spidrwitch )O(





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